Travelling freely

So it’s one adventure after another for SS and I . Weve had two great trips this week alone !! One was meant as a closure and included a trip back up the coast to safety beach to collect some of my belongings that I left behind when I left my ex. He was kind of surprised when we arrived on the door step unannounced . Clearly he behaved himself and no harsh words were exchanged as SS was there with me and the ex had no  time to prepare excuses this time as to why I couldn’t collect my belongings. So grabbed anything we could fit in the 4wd and then left to begin our holidays in port Macquarie. 



Then after returning home so I could work for two days we headed south west to a place called Wombeyan Caves and escaped reality completely. No phones no internet just us, caves, bloody kangaroos and rain but I loved it . The natural marble caves are millions of years old 

Am also excited to say that renovations on the house are going great , lounge room is almost completed  

Picked up this great clock this week and my business couldn’t be more on its way . Have a meeting tomorrow with a tech investor company that want to back my business idea and I’m so excited I could burst. 

Being loved is inspiring 

Chat soon xx



In case you want to know 

in case anyone is curious as to what I’m currently up to and how wonderful life is travelling along for me at the moment come on over and see my new blog Sirs gone girl ……. Which I started a few months ago and kept hidden . But he found it anyway . They all ( daughter too) found it but for those who haven’t and would like to catch up on all my big girl adventures since moving home to Sydney again ending my engagement I’d love to see some friendly faces
And started a new one this week called The ICEcapades for those suffering with addiction problems to the drug that I was addicted to Meth / ice and there families to get information and share stories about their battles with addiction.

And for those that did find me “annabanana and cinn” they followed the trail …… Like sniffer dogs ….. Lol

Anyway if you are curious I’ll see you there if not this is adios as I am closing this shortly as it is going to be published  via Amazon . 

Oh one last thing before I go ….. For those wondering –

Congrats Sir on the birth of his first baby . Xx  

Adios , farewell, goodbye 

Happiness on a sad day

What a great day I’ve had. After a few dramas yesterday  I will now have my eldest son accompanying me home this week as he is having a hard time and needs his mum. I’m looking forward to having him with me for some one on one time as he has just split from his girlfriend ( cling on) of two years and they were never apart . So myself and my daughter are looking forward to having time to spend with him again.

today we scattered my grandmas ashes down in the garden of the land on the river where my grandparents once owned a house which was bought back by council and left vacant .her old neighbours still care for her beloved roses and garden so along with the whole family we travelled by boat as that’s the only way to get there and put her back under her favourite Magnolia tree over looking the river. Same tree I fell out of at age six breaking my arm. It was sad seeing where the house once stood. It bought back memories of my grandad and her taking me swimming,cooking in the kitchen with her. A day of beautiful memories really.




Memories with people you love are the best kind,they stay with you forever even after they are gone. I went to bed feeling happy with a smile on my face after what was a sad day . Goodbyes are hard but one day we will meet again I hope. Till then life goes on. But I’m smiling as I know that’s the best way until then.

now I have to get some shut eye as I have an early flight soon xx