Welcome , I’m Angela ,almost the big 40, mother of 3 beautiful teenage human beings which I must say up to this point have been my greatest achievement in life, which isn’t hard considering I’m a recovering meth addict. You see I had a fairly large unceremonious fall from grace a few years ago, 3 to be precise . Fell in love with a boy….. Yaddah yaddah you know how it goes . Girl meets boy, boy is meth addict, girl gets hooked, loses job as bank manager, home, car, respect of family and friends etc etc. but the best part of the story is I finally got my shit together 17 months ago with the help of the next man who came into my life and broke my heart but saved my life all in the blink of an eye. I’ve now been clean 17 months and fallen in love with myself finally which has attracted the love of a man I’m now totally head over heels for and will do everything I can to make sure is by my side holding my hand and still making me smile in 50 years time . I’ve had a failed marriage of 12 years and a failed engagement but i finally learnt to love myself and not seek love but instead let it find me and it finally did . I refer to him as SS in my latest blog http://sirsgonegirl.wordpress.com 

 and he is helping me to put all my broken pieces back together . And then there are my exes whom a lot of thePastcanBiteme and A collared mind are written about . 



One referred to as hubby2b as he was up until April this year but is no longer That is over and was what I needed at the time and I will always be grateful to him for being there during that part of my life when I needed to get away from temptation and allowed me to heal and then there is the man I thought no one would ever replace until now . He helped to save me by giving me the push to take that first step to sobriety. He loved me enough to let me go and saved us both by doing so.  Still and always will be referred to as Sir to protect his privacy. He is now happily married and started a family and I’m really happy he survived and went on to bigger and better things also. You see I’m also a submissive and after finding that side of myself with Sir and finally having silence in my chaotic head I don’t know how to be any other way and that can sometimes be a struggle for me as SS does not identify as a Dom although he is perfectly dominant naturally and that’s enough for me .  He is exactly what I need and I’m genuinely happy and no longer living in the past but facing the present one day at a time with my lovely man SS holding my hand and loving me back to life and the love and respect of my gorgeous kids,  family and friends. 

Now I’m trying to give back as if I can save one person from ruining there life or stop them making the bad choices I did then it’s worth every second . I don’t want one person to feel how I feel everyday knowing I let my kids down. I’ve started a blog called TheICEcapades which is a place for friends , family or addicts them self to find a friendly non judgemental place to talk, post ask questions or get information and insight into the insidious world of methamphetine addiction or ICE. Please visit my site and show your support


Chat soon xx



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  1. Just wanted to say I like your raw honesty. It’s something few people find the courage to come up with and admit to themselves let alone to anyone else, let alone the public at large. My writing, 99% poetry, is largely self based (as I would assume obvious to the reader), but hopefully entertaining on an intellectual level. I think we’re going to find a fair bit in common in what we share 🙂

    BTW, I sent you an email to your gmail account….



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