Skinny bitch

So don’t I wish I was walking down the aisle today. I think I’ve lost 10kg in the last 36 hours. Think i could squeeze myself into a size 2 this morning .i have definitely dropped some weight . No need to exercise this week lol….well that’s the excuse I’m using . I got to a point last night where my head was pounding and I couldn’t even stand up due to dehydration. When hubby2b arrived home from airport after our poor new housemate was given our car and asked to drive to airport to pick him up for me as I was still in fetal position on bathroom floor ,he took one look at me and could tell I had not been drinking enough water to rehydrate myself. He had stopped at chemist with housemate and they had picked up some medication to stop the runs and some hydralyte to sort out my dehydration.

I’m feeling a little better this morning but still firmly tucked up in bed,and think I may just stay here today. Its definitely more comfortable than the toilet or bathroom floor.

Haven’t felt so shitty in a long time.

good time to catch up on reading everyone’s blogs and do some writing myself.

chat when I’m feeling not so yuk. Xx


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