Hunni I’m home

Rather big day after being woken so early by hubby to be and his gymnastic routine with the bed sheets but we are finally in Sydney after checking into our apartment in the city for the week.

the minute we got here I was on a shopping mission as the only thing even close to a shopping complex where I live is 40 minutes one way or 25 mins in the other direction to Coffs harbour and its what you would refer to as a corner store in comparison to the shopping variety and various stores right in the heart of the city of Sydney.

I basically dropped my bags,changed out of my heels for boots ,grabbed hubby to be by the hand and out the door we headed for china town,the markets nearby and yummy Asian food.

we only had a few hours tonight so when hubby to be heads off to work tomorrow,its me and a full day back at the markets and shopping in darling harbour.

after shopping and dinner we went to this crazy cool ice cream parlour called N2 where they make it like a laboratory with dry ice in a mixer .it was Oreo cheese cake and had a plastic syringe sticking in it full of hot chocolate sauce that you plunge through the middle. Talk about a walking calorie coma.

so we are now back at the hotel which happens to look directly across at one I used to go stay at often called the Cambridge…….if the walls there could talk!!!  The things they could say about me. 

anyway time to get some beauty sleep and fortunately the apartment has a king size bed but no doubt that just means hubby to be has more blanket to roll himself up in and maybe cross fingers I don’t get flung with them.

I swear I need an eject button some nights for my own safety


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