Heading home again

Tomorrow I pack to head home to Sydney again. Hubby to be had work there yet again and after a busy few weeks with the boutique and preparing for the trade fair I’m taking some time out to go with him and see my babies for a week. 

We also have something that we as a family need to do. 

My parents met as children when there parents both chose to buy or build along woranora river in the south of Sydney . As a family we have beautiful memories of swimming there and being at my grandparents houses. My grandmother past away a year and a half ago. Even though I’ve said my goodbyes the day before she passed it’s time for us as a family to go scatter her ashes on the river. My brother in law has been building a barge that we can all fit in to go and farewell her properly as she did not want a funeral or fuss and can’t go in the wall with my grandad as he was a war veteran. 

So I’m going to Sydney to say my goodbyes to my beautiful nan who I take after more than anyone. Yes I got her tuck shop lady arms , her strawberry coloured hair and freckled pommy skin. Ahhhh the skin. Yes I also inherited my psoriasis from her too. In fact it was a skin cancer on her head that formed from constant scratching that killed her. Yep. Don’t you love inheriting things. 

I inherited her antique bedroom suit. Fit for a princess. With dressing table and bench seat. Her crystal and fuck could the woman collect and her engagement ring which is also an antique with filigree and a big ass diamond. 

I also got my love of movies , musicals, dancing and theatre shows from her though which is the reason my business is called fly little bluebird after her and the wizard of oz. Somewhere over the rainbow my grandma Dorothy is flying with the happy little bluebirds. 

And I’m sure she is cheering me on 


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