Spoilt rotten.

I am feeling a little spoilt this week. Hubby to be read my blog about how much I love my shoes and how addicted I am to them. 

I’ve spent all week cleaning and wiping everything down , like the insides of cupboards as because it is so hot and humid here if you don’t things start to go mouldy and fast. Including my beautiful shoes. 

He sent me a message yesterday when  I was on the way home from grocery shopping after finishing work asking if I was still in town. 

” use my card baby and buy yourself a treat”. He said. 

I thanked him for the thought but said as we had just purchased a new home computer I thought I’d had too much of a treat already and was half way home anyway which is 40 mins drive down the highway from the big shopping centre. 

When he arrived home from work an hour after me he said he had a surprise for me. And there before me was enough clear shoe boxes to put all my shoes in seperately , to preserve them, as he knows how much I love them and want to take care to keep them perfect as some have sentimental value. 

I feel very spoilt . The fact that I had worked hard all week and had been sensible in being happy without a treat  made him happy. Material things aren’t important these days but taking care of the ones I have already is, along with being greatful for the little things. Thank you for showing me you pay attention to what is important to me and for appreciating that I now make good decisions hubby to be. Xx


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