Every brick

Can i let down every brick

That ive placed around my heart

Can i knock down all the cages

That i placed there from the start

Do i dare to let you in

Am i safe to let you see

Can i trust you with this heart

Will you take care of it for me

For its battered and been broken

Cant you see the damage from afar

Thats from giving it to quickly once

Its been stitched, theres still a jagged scar

For i tried to glue the pieces 

But the glue just didnt hold

So i mended it with sticky tape

But it made my heart unfold

I used staples, nails then stitches

But apart my heart still fell

So ive locked it in an iron box 

In a fortress , cant you tell?

I dont know if youll get to it

As im scared this time around

If i let someone too close to it

It will shatter to the ground. 

So im taking it slow this time

If you love me then you’ll wait

But until i know you’ll keep it safe

Its behind this iron gate. 

It needs time to mend it’s scarring

It needs space to help it heal

But if you show me I can trust you

Then my love is all you’ll feel


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