Dear future husband

Here’s a few things you need to know

– I’m a handful,moody at times,up and down I swing like a pair of hookers undies

– I like shoes ,in fact I have a deep obsession with them,i now own many many pairs. Heels mostly, tall,break your ankle types…… It’s a recent addiction

– lingerie mmmmm my favorite thing …. Nothing is nicer than walking down the street and knowing that i have sexy underwear under my clothing and no one else knows. I come bearing drawers of lingerie… with it.

– I cry,unashamedly…. It’s my release,if i need to i will. I know you will comfort me.

– No we are not culling the amount of clothing i own. It’s my thing. Like your car is your thing. I may resort to drastic measures if i find something missing and i know every piece i own as i searched all the little ops shops for hours to find them while we travelled for your work… back away from the closet or your chocolates get it.

– i like flowers. When you pick them from our garden and arrange them i like it best.

– i have an addictive personality and become addicted to things as easily as i became addicted to you. Dont try to change it. I got this. Promise.

– i say fuck …..alot……also deal with it.

– i can talk the ear off anyone . And there will be times you’ll want me to shut up. I wont. I argue,i talk back and i have a tendency to defend myself. Old habits die hard

– i dont like to be told i can’t do something,ill prove you wrong everytime,it makes the fire inside me burn brighter

– i sing like no one is listening( and really shouldn’t) ,dance like I’m 20 and a size 6 and love like I’ve never had my heart broken, and ill never apologize for any of it.

– I’ve been there,done that,you know it all and i will love you hunni like you have never been loved before.

oh i also dont have a filter between brain and my mouth so things just fall out of my mouth before i think. But I’m sure ill get my ass spanked at some stage for that…… And maybe just maybe ill love it …. Lol

I’m not dumb,treat me like i am and ill shut down like a 3 year old having a tantrum at the shopping mall. I like to use my brain ,inspire me,challenge me,teach me

and NO,i dont function at all till ive had coffee in the morning. Until then i will not be anything but a little fucking ray of sunshine……



7 thoughts on “Dear future husband

  1. I can respect and appreciate someone who can define themself but more importantly be “OK” with that. Be “you”, not someone you think they want or someone you think you should be or someone different because it might “save” me. Can you see where I’ve been?

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