Let me entertain you

Let me entertain you
Come on just stay a while
I want to play a game with you
I promise to make you smile

Let me lift your spirits
Your energy , your pace
But don’t you get addicted
For you’ll end up a disgrace

Let me make you skinny
I’ll devour you from within
Let me keep you up all night
So you can live a life of sin

Let me penetrate you
Use your body for my home
I’m never going to leave you
Your mind is now my own

Let me drown your morals
Your virtues disappear
I’m going to make you crave me
As you no longer steer

Let me kill your pleasure
There will be only tears
Your life is not your own now
I’ll be with you for years

Let me entertain you
But don’t you dare blame me
I didn’t force myself on you
You came to meth to see…….

12 months clean !!!



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