Darlin girl

Darlin girl,walk with me

hold my heart a while

I’ll tell you all I’m dreaming

its time to make you smile

Darlin girl, just wait up there

it isn’t meant to be

fates just playing a game with you

your loves not meant for me

Darlin girl, just run along

but you must do it alone

my back is turned,my heart is closed

these arms are not your home

Darlin girl, fight tooth and nail

you’ll make it through I’m sure

promise me you’ll find yourself

the girl I saw before

Darlin girl, spread your wings

I’m watching from far away

I know that you can fly

but I just couldn’t stay

Darlin girl, you showed them all

its made me proud to see

but I will never tell you

I’m not setting your mind free

Darlin girl ,talk to me

I think of you most days

we loved, we learnt, we were broken

then we went our separate ways

Darlin girl, you’ll love again

let down your iron wall

allow that love into your heart

coz I was never yours at all…..

Written September 2014


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