Skeletons in my closet

But not in the way you are thinking , although we all know I’ve had quite a few skeletons myself.
The whole point of my trip to Sydney was to stock up on wholesale lots of beads as I have a week before the trade and gift fair to get prepared and complete the samples to display at the wholesale fair.
Would you believe I got the beads and they pretty much sat there in the car for a week as I was so busy seeing family and friends that I didn’t want to get stuck into it and get interrupted, ( my partying with the girls that is) !!
Last night at my parents alone was finally when inspiration came.
Starring at my now empty wardrobes at the ends of the bed and thinking about all that has happened in the last year and how I really did get rid of the skeletons within myself and my closet, although have accumulated so many more clothing items Sir would say.
My creative juices finally got going and by some ridiculous hour this morning the collection was complete and apart from tagging is ready to go with a week to spare and I was packed and heading along the freeway for a lonely 8 hour drive. I’m exhausted but I did it!! I got home in one piece and my designs are ready to go to sale.
So without further fluffing about. My new collection for the coming autumn.









Looks like it’s possible to find the good hiding amongst all the bad and reach my dreams one skeleton at a time.






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