But when ?

So I have fallen in love with a dress, we have finally decided that we want a low key event on the beach where we live as it’s our favourite place to be and then back to our garden for a relaxed and casual reception.
We love where we live and although we need to give family and friends time to find accommodation nearby and plan there trip we decided as it’s our day we didn’t want to have to go to everyone in Sydney and pay three times the price, that they can all come to us and have a holiday at the same time. We have a long weekend in October that we are considering but as yet a date hasn’t been set.
Which I’m not too worried about as we have had so much else going on and I want to be completely healthy before I walk down the aisle to Sir.
We’ve both been married before so we know that marriages can both succeed and fail. Having not known each other that long we are taking our time( or putting me on layby) as Sir says lol.
Life still happens anyway. But I’m still going to continue to plan. I sent some gifts to my daughter, sister and best friend along with a little note that read
if I promise you
No bows on your bum
No butt ugly colours
No hideous frills
Will you do me the honour
Slip on a dress
And be my bridesmaid

Below is the picture of the necklaces designed and made in Paris that I bought them. Hope they like them


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