Little bluebird flying high

Super excited as my jewellery is going to the trade and gift fair in Sydney in two weeks. I’ve been asked to make 20 designs to showcase and get orders from retailers for their stores…..
It will mean a lot of hard work over next few weeks but I am so ready for this right now as it takes my mind off other things that have been going on and gives me something besides the wedding to focus on .
So I’m off to Sydney over the next few days to visit the bigger wholesale beads suppliers before getting stuck into my designs.
Life is getting better everyday . It’s nice to feel that I really belong and have a home once again.
Having someone that makes me feel needed and wanted and appreciated is a change after not feeling that for such a long time. It obviously is something I needed to move forward in my life and old habits have been easy to leave behind with the more positive relationship and influence of Sir.
So to my past I can only say ” bite me”….



7 thoughts on “Little bluebird flying high

  1. Your past can’t bite you because it has no teeth. You’ve knocked them all out, every last one!! What a positive post. The world is opening up to you in wonderful way. Best wishes and I hope each new day brings you more happiness and sunshine.♥ Big hug!!

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  2. Oh. My. I haven’t followed for a little while (busy with soo much myself)… only to come back here and find you engaged and preparing YOUR stuff for a trade fair. AMAZING! Many congrats darling, am happy for you. And sad at the same… I read about the loss of yours and your Sir baby. Stay strong as you always are, things will fall into place and lot more happiness will come, am sure.
    All the best, and my love too


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      • I have! I moved from a dead end relationship and the flat I had to share for contingency with my ex (too bad a situation) … to my new man’s home. We are working on making the house a lovely nest for us and – tadaaaaaaaaa – I got engaged as well! Aside this, am working on a new website for a venture with my sister in House. Which is great! So yeah… busy with getting my life back on track to full happiness.
        Much love right back at ya xxxx

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