Get ya gear off

What a fabulous Australia Day Sir and I had yesterday. We took a drive up the Coast to a sea side suburb called Yamba , which is about an hour and a half from home.
We bought some fresh prawns and sat by the mouth of the river on the grass bank.

then we drove into the national park and a place called station creek where we were the only ones on a deserted beach and for the first time in my life I nervously got my bikini off and went skinny dipping with Sir in the water!!!

and it was completely liberating and felt amazing and I wondered afterwards why I had waited so damn long to try it or been so prudish about getting naked in public before .

when I told my girlfriends what I’d done they cheered me on,my daughter was mortified at first, even mum when told had a laugh as she said there were far worse things I could have been doing on Australia day that are illegal…..and we all know what she meant!!

Sir and I will keep the beautiful pics he took of me floating in the water to ourselves but I’m so glad I took the plunge,and trusted him enough to enjoy the experience completely.


chat soon and I hope wherever you celebrated your day it was as great and enjoyable as ours. Xx





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