Happiness is catching

Thinking today lots about the crazy last few days in my life and how so many things have changed since this day 12 months ago when I was preparing to head towards the end of a two year drug binge and break up which has got me to this very spot in my life which in contrast to 12 months ago is total opposite.
I’ve lived the last twelve months more than my entire 39 years. I’ve had every range of emotions, life event and changed things that I never thought would. Been loved, hated, and shown both towards others also . I’m in such a beautiful happy place and thank you for all your wonderful messages of congratulations and support. I can’t wipe the smile off my face each time I look at my beautiful antique engagement ring . It means a lot to both of us that we have the love and support of our families and kids more than anything on the news of our engagement but having people take time out of their world to show some genuine happiness for me has been heartwarming as you know me less than people who have not bothered to do so and known me most of all, so thanks all that did , I’ve definately learnt to be grateful for everything in life and show it, regardless of outcome. I’m happy and so loved by myself and Sir that I might take a few days away from my blog and enjoy him and us to myself and just soak in the happiness of this time of importance in my life. I will be back soon though to celebrate the 1 year mark in my recovery. Please don’t stop being a loyal follower as I will be back , that I can promise and as you know if you have taken my journey with me from the start , You never know what is going to blow your mind or be just around the bend the very next time I write….
Chat very soon xxx





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