Undoing the stitches

The twine that has held me in place the last 11 months finally unravelled late last night and I feel like I am finally truly free to step forward in my life with my amazing Sir. I let out the last of the stitches that held my heart together while it healed and learnt to trust openly once more. I am refreshed from spending a few days away from Sir in Sydney and catching up with some of my great friends. Have done lunches, drinks and have just finished packing the car as I’m heading back to my handsome Sir and our home today with his parents who are coming up to stay with us for a week. You see the problem with living in a beach side suburb in a holiday town means everyone wants to come for a holiday . So it’s home to my bed , more cooking and Sirs loving and protecting arms I go smiling.
I also found out that my old Sir C was married yesterday to his beautiful new bride and I wish to congratulate them both. I am genuinely happy for you C and I hope you have an amazing time with the birth of your first child soon.
Hopefully one day soon I will lose my sense of second guessing myself and being afraid to give all of myself over to Sir knowing the chance of being hurt is unknown. No regrets from the past and a positive outlook on the present in the land of oz.
Chat soon …. Well in 8 or so hours after the drive anyway xxx


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