Back to work

So the holiday is over for me…. And just me in my house unfortunately. The kids and Sir are still relaxing but I came back to work today as the boutique had to be opened. Where we live is a tourist beach side town and so a massive influx of surfers and beach type families with their kids have swollen our little town to capacity . The three beach side caravan parks are full to exploding with tents and caravans and it has given me new people to meet and socialise with. Even some of the locals are popping in as we are new in town after opening a month ago.


So now is the busy period for business in the area but I’m sure that will change when the school holiday period ends in February . Luckily the boutique and everything in this tiny town is closed on a Sunday so I can enjoy the day with my kids at the beach.




But for now it’s time to get some sales
Chat soon xxx


10 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Oh I love it…. I love the mannequins dummies I am doing up our bedroom, Im thinking boudoir and they would be perfect for my plans… goodness its a lovely place to work…..


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