Misery breeds company

I’ve been checking my blog stats recently and have realised that the healthier I have become , the less miserable and heartbroken I’ve been , and the happier and more shall we say stable mentally I’ve become the less readers and followers I’ve had on a daily basis. So that begs the question? Do others prefer reading about my mental anguish and inner struggles than they do seeing me fighting fit and in love. Did they all enjoy reading about my first few months as I struggled to come to grips with my addiction and the ups and downs of my shattering heart as I learnt to let go of the first person to show me unconditional love and fell apart when he moved on , got engaged and told me he was going to be a father…… Or is it coincidence that the numbers have dropped as I fell in love with myself again , learnt how to beat my addiction , stood on my own two feet , found my worth and finally started a new life with my new love Sir. Seems I was a tad more popular in the blogging world when I was a shell of a person , withdrawing from drugs and in the midst of a complete mental breakdown and that makes me feel like maybe we don’t do enough in life to cheer on each other’s good moments and instead are only there to console in times of pain. I’m more than likely guilty of it myself . Life’s achievements and triumphs shouldn’t just be skimmed over so let me know what your happiness was this week . Mine was the realisation that it doesn’t matter if anyone reads my words , what matters is I wrote them for you all anyway . And that makes me happy.



7 thoughts on “Misery breeds company

  1. You just keeping on going and become the best you can be. Don’t worry about who reads your blogs or who doesn’t! It is all about you! I struggled with some of that as well, but for me it was more “Are people going to read what I write”. I would start a post and write for my audience so to speak,but then I realized, this is for more and people are gonna like or there not and if they don’t, that’s not my problem!
    Stay beautiful!

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  2. I’ve been impressed by your journey this past year. I much prefer reading about your happiness and self-love than your heartbreak. I’m so happy to hear that you love yourself again and your new journey with your Sir.

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