Goodbye my ovaries

So I finally went to see my new skin specialist after having to switch due to the move north to live with Sir.
It’s taken a month or so waiting for my appointment and my skin has in that time erupted , cleared and then erupted yet again due to worry and anxiety over Sir getting sick. Luckily it’s bad at the moment so the dermatologist got a more rounded idea of exactly what I’m dealing with.
I’m glad , I get that he needed to see exactly what my symptoms are and how bad my skin gets but I was today faced with the option the dermatologist thinks is my best chance of clearing my psoriasis up. It’s a new drug. A wonder drug as such for psoriasis sufferers but to be able to take this drug , I can’t be pregnant, or be thinking of getting pregnant , nor conceive anytime in the 3 years after taking this tablet.
I must have a liver function and pregnancy test before they give it to me, I can’t have any form of infection as it will suppress the immune system. Lots of tests to be done before I can even second thought the idea. Don’t get me wrong as Sir and I don’t plan on adding to my three and his one child but the fact that the option is being taken away has been very hard. As once it starts I can’t change that decision which scares me a little and also has made me a little sad but I guess I have to just think about how lucky I’ve been in my life to have three beautiful healthy amazing children and that some never have the chance of the divine gift I’ve had. So it’s cheers to the great work of my ovaries but I’m kissing them goodbye along with my dream of maybe one day having another baby with Sir . Another part of my past which will always bite but so much of life to look forward to …. Like the holidays and my children coming to stay for a few weeks , my skin finally healing and many more wonderful memories with the love I’ve been gifted and my second chance at life


One thought on “Goodbye my ovaries

  1. Don’t worry, in a few years when your kids are old enough you will have grandbabies to dote on and the best part is you can give them back…lol… I can’t wait for grandbabies!!!

    Good luck with everything! I will thinking and praying for you! Happy Holidays beautiful!


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