Proud to be from Sydney #illridewithyou

Amongst the chaos that is the Sydney seige which as I type is in it’s 14th hour , where an unknown number of hostages are still being held in the Lindt cafe in Martin place there have been signs from the people of the gorgeous city that I call home that we won’t stand for acts of terrorism in our backyard , that we won’t retaliate with acts of racism and hatred and that we won’t be scared into silence by a lone crazy trying to insite hate between races or religions. Check twitter or Instagram, look on Facebook and you’ll find the hashtag #illridewithyou which was started when Muslim women catching the bus out of the city home to safety and their loved ones amongst the fear and chaos of today were seen removing their hijab due to fear of reprisal as they travelled. Sydney siders rallied and instead of showing hate they showed compassion and supported these women in wearing their scarves with pride , that they should not be afraid and began a hashtag going that if they were scared to ride alone they would show their support and ride with them to and from work or school to make them feel safe. I’m proud to be Australian and I’m so proud that my city has showed this terrorist that we won’t be seperated by fear but will unite as human beings in times of trouble. That we are supporting one another to get the hostages home to their loved ones safely and as one are praying for them , no matter what race or religion or background we come from we won’t let one persons actions dictate who we are or how we live . In Australia we have mateship and that wins everytime.
I hope other Aussies no matter where in the world they are show how proud they are to be Australian and unite with all of us and #illridewithyou .




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