One sick princess

The stress of the last week and Sir getting rushed to hospital and my trip to Sydney has taken it’s toll and I’ve been bailed up in bed with a chest infection and my skin has flared up again with blisters but we got to it quickly and it’s already starting to clear again. But a new symptom this time around has been aching joints in my hands and knuckles . I’m just praying that it isn’t a sign of underlying psoriatic arthritis which is common in psoriasis sufferers.
On a good note Sir is now on three weeks holidays and he is back to feeling healthy again which is great news. Has had some more tests and all seems to be ok .
So for now it’s me back in bed sick with a temperature , cough and runny nose feeling miserable and Sir once again taking care of me . He’s one tough cookie and I’m one lucky girl
Chat soonxx


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