Put your feet up……

Grab a glass of wine , sit back and relax whilst I tell you about the shit day I’ve had….. Believe me it’s epic but at least has a happy ending ….
Oops that just spoilt it for you all….
So where was I …… Ok yesterday Sir took me down to the beach to have more surfing lessons on an old vintage long board that he has sanded back and lovingly worked on and lacquered especially for me …. Ummmm like a Malibu I guess. From around the 1940s!!!! So he spent hours in the still water of the lake holding the board while I laid on my stomach and then pushing me forward and letting go. I then had to jump up from my stomach to a standing position ( not at all gracefully I may add). But finally I got the hang of it and got to my feet and remained standing a few times before coming unstuck through pure exhaustion. I have far more respect for surfers now. I used to think it would be easy after being a gymnast from the age of 4 through til I was 16 and dislocated a hip ending my career because I mean how hard could it be standing on a fat board when i’d cartwheeled and flipped on a balance beam a few feet off the ground…… But then beams don’t move do they!!!!
So after being at the beach and lake I was pooped and for the first time in a long time I fell asleep early.
When I woke this morning it was because something had startled me out of my dead sleep. It was early and I was still very sleepy and disorientated. I heard the same noise again coming from the lounge room and as Sir was not in bed when I woke I got up to check what the sound was as it was something I’d not heard before.
I found Sir on the lounge room floor clutching his chest and sweating profusely. He was in pain and I rushed to his side begging him to speak to me and tell me what was hurting him.
It took half an hour to get to our nearest hospital and I raced him there as fast as I could.
He was taken straight in to the emergency as they suspected he was having a heart attack. It was horrible to see him in such pain. My handsome strong Sir who had relied on me for a change to get him to medical treatment was now laying hooked to monitors , with cords attached all over his body and all I could do was stand out of the way helpless and pray he was going to be ok.
Thankfully he felt better later in the day . His blood tests came back ok , and they sent him home tonight for me to take care of until we go back so he can see our doctor who might order more tests.
Pretty sure it is too much stress at work, but as of today he is on leave until after the new year and we have lots of time to take care of each other …. Lol in more than one way ….
See I promised a happy ending but I swear it almost stopped my heart today seeing him so sick. Thankfully he is so strong and fit and eats the right foods, I’d hate to think what could have happened if he didn’t …..he’s everything to me
Chat soon


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