Courage to know myself

I’ve been thinking a lot today about my journey and how far I’ve come since February. For those reading that don’t already know I’m a recovering Meth addict and I lost everything in my life because of my addiction and it has taken 9 very long and hard months of working my way back to reality and normal everyday life , to start to repair the damage I did to my relationships with family , friends and my three beautiful children and to learn to not only let go of the man I thought I would spend my life loving and needing but also accept he is now happy and moving forward in his life and although it hurt at first I’m so happy now for him knowing he too is ok and free from this terrible drug.
It was he that gave me the push I needed to start this journey when he had finally had enough of the person I had become due to my addiction and he left me and for that I will forever love him and be grateful
I know it was my own want and strength and having the courage to admit I was struggling with my addiction to those closest to me that got me to where I am today though. I did it and I think it’s about time I can finally say that I am fucking proud of myself and I hope wherever he is that he is proud of me too.
I know that the new love in my life is proud of me and he reminds me daily how special I am to him and I can not be thankful enough that I was able to find the courage to love myself, know myself , value myself and change what I needed to change in my life to become the person he loves and pushes forward on this journey. He is one of a kind and I am so lucky to love him .
Chat soon xx


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