Dancing to the beat of my own drum

Sir and I have just spent the last two days back up the Coast in Byron bay as he had work to do up there. I’m so lucky that at the moment I get to travel with him where ever he has to go as because of my psoriasis I’ve been unable to work but as it’s finally clearing up I’ve started looking for part time work again and it’s full steam ahead with my own business.
But today I did something I’ve been dying to do for months now. I got into my bikini and went for a swim in the pool at the resort we are staying at.
It is so nice to finally feel confident enough to get my clothes off and go swimming in public after spending months covering my skin. It’s not 100% yet but it is definately getting back to normal and I’m excited that come summer in a few days time I’ll be able to wear shorts and skirts again without feeling self conscious and depressed over the look of my skin. What a difference a few days can make with the right treatment .




Starting to feel like myself again after such a long time and Sir has organised a hot date for me to go have a dance in the local nightclub with some of the gay boys he works with as I’m missing that so much and Sir is not the nightclubbing type lol and it’s a good opportunity for me to meet people in the area as I know nobody but Sir here and being a bit of a social butterfly it’s been very hard and at times very lonely for me. So now that I can finally wack on a pair of heels and can finally spend time on my feet again …. It’s party time and I can’t wait !!!!

Chat soon xxx


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