Just what the doctor ordered

A trip home to my loved ones may have been exactly what I needed for my heart. But a trip back to my doctor was exactly what my skin needed as he put me on a steroid and finally Finally FINALLY after months and months of hiding my hands and feet and skin it is starting to clear.
I took a walk with Sir on the beach for the first time in weeks today and it felt really good .

But the best part of this week was seeing my beautiful princess get ready and head off to her high school formal . She looked just stunning and happy really happy which I credit my darling little sister and brother in law with who have taken care of her for the last year while I was getting my life back on track . I’m blessed .



Isn’t she lovely .
So tonight Sir and I are packing the last of my furniture into the trailer and first thing in the morning we head home up the Coast to continue my journey of recovery and healing with a cream that finally works and hopefully I’ll be back in my sexy heels and rocking my suntan again soon !!!
Chat soon xxx





5 thoughts on “Just what the doctor ordered

  1. Your princess is beautiful! I hope she had a good time.
    I am happy to hear you finally received some treatment that seems to be working. I took a steroid when I had a bad break out once and it totally messed with me. I was angry all the time. Be careful on it. They don’t call it ‘roid rage’ for nothing! 🙂


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