I heart Sydney but want to go home

Am loving being home in Sydney !!! Have just spent three days visiting family and friends and eating mums home cooking and we are now staying in a gorgeous hotel right in the heart of the city. The view is amazing




Have been in city for 4 nights while Sir works and now off to stay with family again and see my daughter go to her high school formal tonight and help her get ready with hair and make up. Then pack the last of my remaining things and get the hell out of here. My stress levels just being back here have caused my skin to flare and I can’t wait to get back to the warm weather, sunshine and fresh air of home.
Coming back to Sydney and bumping into people from my past has proved to me just how important my family is as my so called friends have been few and far between but I’m ok with that.
A new fresh start and clean living with Sir was exactly what I needed and the risk I took in taking that leap of faith with him has been worth everything except the distance from my family and kids, but they know after visiting me there and us coming to Sydney that it’s a happier and slowly getting healthier Ange because of it and I’m in the right place with the right person. Well I will be in two days when we get the hell outta Sydney , the smog and traffic and go home to our little piece of paradise




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