Who invited the fun police

Yeah that’s right I want to know who sent them !!!!! Because the party is definately over in my world !!!
Sir and I spent all weekend researching natural ways to get my chronic auto immune disease under control and have found so much information that I’m on overload.
I had a really rough few days with itching and feeling like my feet were on fire. On the bright side my hands are starting to clear finally but I don’t walk on those fuckers so let’s face it fat lot of good that is when you desperately need to start exercising. Since giving up cigarettes 3 weeks ago not only has my sense of smell and taste returned but so has my bloody appetite with a vengeance !!!! If I don’t start doing something exercise wise very soon I’m going to balloon


I swapped the Meth diet for exercise and walking on the beach when I first started my recovery but walking any great distance these days is not an option and before you suggest swimming believe me if I was at a stage in rebuilding myself where I was confident enough to shrug off the stares and gawking of others instead of trying to cover my skin to avoid them then I’d rock a bikini down at the local pool but I’m just not there yet . I’m still mortified at the thought of owning this disease in a public place .
But I’ll get there eventually . Psoriasis is a lifetime membership not a disease that just goes away but can go into remission if you eat the right things and treat the disease from the inside out.
During our research we found a lot of information about UVB phototherapy and a skin super clinic that we are lucky enough to have in Australia. Even luckier is that two of the four locations of these clinics are near where I live with Sir and where my family live in Sydney . So we have organised to get an appointment there and I am currently in Detox yet again. But not from drugs or cigarettes this time but all of life’s other pleasures like alcohol…. Not on the list …. Coffee….not on the list….. Potatoes… Nope not on the list … Tomatoes…. Nup….. Chocolate….. Uh uh…. I’ve gone from a good time party girl , high as a kite dancing till 5 am on a podium in some dirty nightclub. Chain smoking vodka drinking junkie who never had to think about what she put in her mouth thanks to the ” meth diet” to a tea totalling grandma who is asleep by 7pm due to lack of stimulants and having to think about every morsel I put in my mouth …. Karma and the past will always come back to bite !!!!
But lucky for me Sir loves me for the person I am on the inside and there is no one I would want holding my hand more during this new part of my life xx



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