Taking a walk down memory lane

Fuck me !!! Last night Sir and I revisited some of my old blogs from back in Feb-June and my god was I in a depressed and erratic state . Up and down like a roller coaster and I got a little sad reading back on the thoughts and emotions that I was showing at the time.
Sir pointed out to me how positive , upbeat and go getter my new most recent blogs sound in comparison and maybe that was why everything was falling into place in my life.
Or maybe it’s just because I’m gloriously happy and content !!!
Does it really matter as long as I keep taking one step at a time ….. Can’t chat long have a website to launch in a few days time ….. So super excited I could skip !!! Who’d have thought I’d have most of my life back on track within 9 months ….. Definately not me … But thank god someone thought I could do it



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