Stopping to smell the …. Everything

So today I’ve been cigarette free for a week!!!!! And it’s amazing how quickly you realise that after 24 years as a smoker you really have missed out on so much . I can smell my garden and the surrounding bush . I can smell the salt in the air from the beach across the road from our house. I can smell just how pretty my hair smells after it’s freshly washed and how god awful my clothes smell that are hanging in my wardrobe and all need re washing!!!!!
I can now imagine just how bad you smell when you are a smoker just from the waft I get each time I open my cupboard door.
And taste my goodness I have soooooo been missing out on things.
Giving up smoking was one thing I thought I’d never be able to do but getting off meth proved to me I can do what I ever I set my mind to if I want it bad enough. I wish now I’d done it years ago …… I’m feeling better with so much more energy each day ..
Life is good ….. Life is really fucking good
Chat soon xx



4 thoughts on “Stopping to smell the …. Everything

  1. you crushed it (literally it) thanks! i stopped smoking years ago and had the same reaction. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! i wish you continued passion and joy and laughter, and knowing that your body is reveling in the excitement of new found senses and pleasures. you rock!! I’ll bet you’ve now given help and support to others that are teetering or looking for a slight push to help start THEIR Momentum! 🙂 mikey


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