Look mum no hands!!!

Wow what an amazing week I have had!!! I know I know it’s been ages since I’ve written but this smitten kitten has been one very busy bee…..
So….. I’ve finally unpacked and settled in. Had my youngest son here for a week as it was school holidays or spring break here in Australia and my daughter is coming next weekend for a few days!!!
Then we had a long weekend and I got out and about in my new hometown swimming and exploring the local area




Then we went whale watching at the local point near home and watched as mothers and there new Born calves migrated south





And visited the rainforest and waterfall



And today to top everything off I got my very own studio to create my jewellery line in and registered my very own business name for a boutique which will first go online and then hopefully open here early next year . I once said to someone I used to know that this year was going to be the year for me that everything was finally going to change. I didn’t realise that when I said it all it ever really meant was that once I was happy being ME again and loving myself everything falls into place easily ……. Or that it would be the love of someone else holding my hand through it that would bring out the very best of me and the someone I’d told wouldn’t even be around to see my dreams come true . Such is life
So watch this space !!! And I’ll let you know when my website is up online !!!





And then fell off my new bike and whoops !!!



But we all know I’ve gotten over far worse right??
Chat soon xxx


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