Taking that leap of faith


I packed my bags, boxes & piled my life and what was left of my belongings into his 4wd .
I took a leap , I trust him , let’s hope he catches me when I fall next. And I’m sure I will. I’m not perfect . I never was and I don’t pretend to be.
He knows the ugly side of me and he still chooses me.
He knows my truths , the lies I’ve told and the secrets I’ve kept and he chooses me anyway
What others saw as flaws he sees as opportunity for change . He sees the me under all the bullshit and despite my past and the way it bites me he chooses me each day.
I’m the luckiest girl in the world at the moment because my new Sir chooses me now and he will be there I know it when life throws the next curve ball my way because he chooses to hold my hand and walk beside me not away from me.
My sanctuary and safe place is no longer at home with my parents but in the arms of my Sir and the home we are making together and he thanks me for being there with him each day.
I packed my things last week and took a deep breathe and said a little word to the big man upstairs to watch over me this time around. I was scared I’ll admit but instead of falling I’m flying this time and that’s only because my Sir chooses me and that makes the choice to be his very very easy


Goodbye to the place where many tears and tantrums have been had over the last 7 months, goodbye to home cooked meals and my washing being done and hello to joining the real world again , having my own beautiful kitchen to cook meals in for the first time in years and goodbye to sleeping alone each night and instead being wrapped in Sirs arms where nothing can hurt me anymore



11 thoughts on “Taking that leap of faith

  1. I hope you found Him. I hope you took a very careful and responsible decision, with in mind a brighter future, not just a “quick fix” 🙂 And most of all I hope He’ll love you and guide you as you need. All my love and best wishes hun!


      • I am so happy for you honey. You deserve the solace of love and I wish you the biggest, strongest, most beautiful ever.
        Take care sweet, all my love!


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