Gloves and stockings up to my eyeballs

So I’ve recently been diagnosed with a rare form of psoriasis called PPP or Palmoplantar pustulosis . It’s what the doctors originally assumed was a case of hand foot and mouth virus back in may this year when it first developed and I got very sick with it and it just never went away.
Let’s face it my immune system has taken one hell of a bashing on the meth over the last two years but it was actually getting clean in February and the stress associated with that and the ending of my last relationship which is what ” triggered” the dormant genetic skin disease which I have my lovely grandma ( may she rest in peace) to thank for , it’s is a hereditary disease .
Like a volcano it has waited almost 40 years to erupt and winter is apparently the time it’s at it’s most evil.
So I have acquired hundreds of pairs of gloves and stockings to hide my skin as it’s embarrassing to say the least.
Tiny puss filled blisters on my palms and soles of my feet and there is absolutely fuck all I can do but hide them. But gloves hide it . Stockings hide it . Funny thing is my nails have never been healthier nor looked so pretty yet unless I wear fingerless gloves no one gets to see how pretty they look painted to match my clothes each day . Hmmm it is what it is ……
Stress inflames it. It can be almost clear and the tiniest little thing ( like finding out my ex getting engaged 7 months after us splitting via a Facebook profile picture can make it erupt again.
So it has been goodbye to Sydney, temptation, stress, my job, and a move up the Coast with my lovely new Sir to fresh air, relaxation, no stress, a healthy diet and exercise on the beach daily and looking after his every need.
I’m in the process of opening my own store online and have gone back to studying and hopefully come summer I can crack out those little mini dresses and bikinis without having to worry what my skin looks like as I have no stress in the world at the moment.
Am clean over 7 months now and my babies are coming to visit for the school holidays as Sir already has their tick of approval and that is the most important thing to me right now.





4 thoughts on “Gloves and stockings up to my eyeballs

  1. Hugs sweet girl. You are amazingly strong and I know you will overcome this too.
    Must have missed some posts… didn’t know about the Sir but was very much smiling for you!!


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