Fly little birdy fly

It’s time I held my head up
It’s time to spread my wings
I’m terrified of taking a leap
As I don’t know what the future brings

I thought we’d make it back one day
Into each other’s arms
But someone else captured your attention
With her beauty and her charms

But you’ve said you’ll never trust again
That love making is not the same
That I’ll forever be your final sub
As domination is no longer your game

But I know with every inch of me
That you can’t just walk away
We are stuck with the addiction
Of the way our mind and bodies play

How they fit so ever perfectly
Like we were made from two halves a whole
Do I wait hoping you realise
That she’ll never take my role

You can give her every diamond
Every piece of gold in the world
But shell never give you what you need and crave
The mind of your submissive girl.

Through the laughs, the fun, the ecstasy I remained your sub
When the nights were cold and you left me all alone I waited as your sub
Through the lies, the secrets and the hurtful words I remained your sub
Even when you left and I needed you most I knelt longing as your sub

From a distance you directed me , thought you’d always be my Sir
From your new life you watched over me and didn’t act like you were my Sir
Now you’ve gone back to vanilla so she’ll never call you Sir
But when you feel you can pretend no more don’t come looking for me Sir

As I’ve found someone to hold my mind, my heart and body tight
He’s undoing all the damage that was caused when you ran from sight
He protects me like I’m precious
He sees my value and my worth
He calls me beautiful and princess
He’s my piece of heaven here on earth

He came riding like a knight in armour
And helped me learn to love myself
So go on back to your vanilla Sir
This Subs been taken off the shelf.

And don’t think that you will find me
Where you left me months ago
This little birdy spread her new strong wings
So that with my new Sir I can grow .




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