Party like a Rockstar

Have had an amazing birthday weekend of treating my liver like it is a punching bag and giving it a good hammering and generally misbehaving!!
Friday night it was drinks and dancing with friends at retro nightclub in the city. I like to come here and dance like no one is watching . They have good old handbag music as I like to call it like I will survive and it’s raining men .
And there are three levels of bars and dance floors and I was on that dance floor from the moment the club opened till the ugly lights came on and the place closed.
I haven’t been out dancing for 7 months except for one short night out with my sister and the girls a few weeks back as I have not wanted to be in the way of temptation and retro was chosen for just that reason as it’s not the kind of place where drugs are readily available and I had family with me.

So crawled out of the club and back to my bosses place to continue on the vodka then over to a girlfriends place were we decided the two of us would continue that night along Oxford st and the gay nightclub scene in Sydney.
By the time we finally got our drunken acts together and got in taxi it was 12.45 and we had 45 minutes to get to the clubs before lock out ( new Sydney law that clubs can no longer let patrons into a club after 1.30am
We got there at 1.27 with 3 mins to spare and danced in the podium like two 18 year olds amongst the hairless sweaty bodies of the shirtless gay boys till the wee hours of the morning then off to Newtown for breakfast and was home by lunchtime to wish dad a happy Father’s Day .





Think I will have to give my liver a break until my big 4.0 next year.
Thank you for the birthday wishes from those who sent them . No surprises who did not … I think sometimes I expect better than I should , but standards will stay high just like my head and my heels… Right girls !!!!
Now back to packing …. And two days before I head back up north to my breathe of fresh air xx


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