206 + followers

To my amazing and loyal followers
I’ve just hit the wonderful 200+ followers mark


Thank you so much for your loving words of encouragement as I’ve continued my journey.
Welcome to my most recent followers I hope you take the time to go back to the beginning of my journey which started in February and I welcome all of your opinions, words of wisdom, and continued support on my hard fought journey from addiction and loss. And if you want to know how it all started right back in June 2012 check out my other blog which in time will join up to the first day of this one and find out how my fall from grace began
And if you get the chance check out some of the amazing blogs I follow as you will love each of them as much as I do.
A big thank you to a few of my first followers who have held on tight during the waves of my depression and getting clean from the start such as
Vile and his beautiful love A, he has been the voice of reason when I was floundering.
Marty you have been my sounding board and a mentor from afar and I thank you from the bottom of my heart
The amazing mr Grey
Who I swear is living my life from the other side !!!
Always at the ready to cheer me on when I’m giving up
A breath of fresh air who always leaves me sparkling …….
But if you want to get real and have someone give you an honest and upfront opinion then read my girl jade’s blog as she is as real as anyone could be and keeps me in check when I am all ass about and I thank her for being drawn to my little blog .xx

Or any of the other blogs I follow you will love I promise!!!
Please keep following and let me know your opinions … Don’t be shy now
Ange xxx



6 thoughts on “206 + followers

  1. I agree with Marty. I am awed by your courage and I know you are inspiring others.
    It’s been my pleasure to watch you grow stronger and stronger…. and I’m so proud of you.
    Glitter hugs 🙂


  2. This is wonderful,seeing youhappy. Yesits been rough for you but you are proving that it csn be done. You are inspiring others to follow you. Hope the job you took on sometime ago is still going good.


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