Hurry up …… I’m gone

I wished once upon a time that you would rescue me from myself and save me from the mess I was in
That you’d ride in on your white horse and sweep me up into your arms like a knight in shining armour …….. But you never came .
That you’d treat me like a princess from a fairy tale and twirl me in your arms to Mozart while a wore my crown ….. But you never did.
That just when I was about to give up hope of you coming you would swoop in and whisk me away to a far away place where only you and I mattered and I was safe in your arms again. ….. But you never showed……..
So instead I waited and waited and waited but you never said you love me still , you never said you miss me , ache for me, wish you could come to me and so then someone else did exactly what you never could…… And I’m finally smiling again because he calls me beautiful like it’s my name…,


4 thoughts on “Hurry up …… I’m gone

  1. He he he he I ve been a searching where, how to make nah do the reply thing. Haharr sucess, in response to the ‘ meeting some one .. heart skipping beat ( having a moment , for me being experienced ) take the risk? or DANGER
    Excitment / fear or something self preservation, intuision . STAY & Stay , you are surely doomed , hooked , line and sinker. CHOICE is necessary , imeadiate , no think , no brainer
    turn around and run like fk like your life depends on it, cause it is… actually with my kind of makeup / personality type.
    What do I do ? STAY of coarse, knowing all hell is about to break loose the next step could be a landmine BIG BANG ha ha ha but thats ok with rose coloued safety goggles I ll probly only loose a limb that I ll be able to live with thereafter. ( annecdotaly me , true )


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