What a difference a day makes

I feel like I’ve been living in a tumble dryer that is spinning out and I cant get out. Work sleep work sleep work sleep. 7 days a week that is all I seem to be doing. Sir has popped his head up again but it was brief and didn’t do any damage this time. I’ve not heard from him since. It is quite. But I have heard from My ex prior to Sir , my partner in crime who introduced me to meth. I figured he would just continue to keep contacting me so I finally replied to him. Yes that’s right Sir I did what you told me whilst being a sarcastic bastard and I forgave him for everything he did in affecting my life. I was a bigger person and I forgave the one person who had a bigger impact on my life than Sir did. And now I am free from the hurt that it caused me. I am no longer consumed with the hate I had for him .
You see people can change Sir. He has been clean 6 months and is now the person underneath all the bullshit that I first fell in love with that no one else could see. Make no mistake that I may have forgiven but I will never forget what he did but money is pointless if you are miserable. It can not make you happy when you are sad nor make you loved when you are not.
It was a closure for me hearing Adam say he was sorry that he hurt me and took from me without giving in return. It was closure knowing that he wanted to make sure I heard it from his own mouth .
So at least I have one part of my past that I can say is case closed.



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