If you are going to leave me abusive messages at least have the guts to do it when I am awake and not wait until I am asleep to complain because you do not like what one of my readers has written about you. I’m thinking they were pretty spot on and why do I need to defend you Sir . You are a big enough boy to defend yourself . You are toxic for me so do what you said and STAY THE FUCK AWAY .you are away with your girlfriend and yet again more worried about what I’m doing ?block me , delete me pretend I don’t exist and go have your happy little life and stop living through mine. You are doing more damage than good in my life and I wish you could just let the hell go and just STOP !!!! They are right you don’t treat someone you profess to care about this way . You are a bully and headfuck . I wish that you would please just go away and don’t come back .



3 thoughts on “Cactus

  1. WELL PUT GIRL! WAY TO GO. To that pretending Sir (real ones are miles away from what you do): GROW SOME BALLS and FO, looser. All my love sweetie xxxx


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