I’ll always find a way

He came to me last night
He ripped me from my sleep
His hands around my throat
Upon my lips his kiss so deep
And like the sweetest melody
My body knew how to sing
For just the very touch of him
Alive my soul does spring
And lying in the darkness
Surrounded by his embrace
The memories danced round inside my mind
And like my dreams vanished
Without a trace
I tossed , I turned , I closed my eyes
I tried to force it just a crack
But all I’ll ever have are my dreams at night
As he is never coming back
I’ll never get to feel his tender kiss
Or his insatiable primal need
His gaze, his voice , his smiling eyes
They are all memories now no matter how I plead.
But in my dreams I’ll always be
His darling sub upon her knees
For he will always be my love, my Sir
The one I ache to please



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