Leave me alone … I’m lonely

He has gone…….. And I’ve never felt so alone in my life


6 thoughts on “Leave me alone … I’m lonely

  1. Sometime being alone is the beginning of the most important love story of your whole life: that of you, finally in love with yourself. I am going through same hun xxxx I know for sure this is good.


  2. That depends, we make it as we wish. Takes a little more efforts, but I can assure you that makes you stronger and happier. Clearly your ex is not a Master, as he cannot control himself (his anger/frustration), he lies (told you no friendship then gets in touch) and he’s very selfish too (you asked him to stop and he continues to intrude your spaces). Look at who he is in real, not the dream you had of him. That was in your mind 🙂 so see, don’t feel for now. It’ll all come to place, in time.


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