Her sisters keeper !!!!

Its been a while but I was really just too busy working to be writing . I’ve been going flat out at work for a little over three weeks learning all i can from miss V . But today I hit the brick wall … No not literally but after not holding down a proper job for almost two years and spending time sleeping in and generally just being purely lazy to then go to 7 days a week on your feet and up to 14 hour days , not eating properly and lifting heavy bags of clothes daily I woke to chest pains possibly a redo of the collarbone I hurt a few weeks ago ,a lower back in agony and lf it is my slipped disc that i did back in June 2012 It is going to be a long process. Oh and did I mention that after a week of late 1am finishing doing washing and ironing in a cold garage with icy cold breeze that makes it cold right to your bones , I’ve woken up with a chest infection and a cough that makes me feel like my chest is on fire. Burning the candle at both ends has finally caught up with me and after opening the shop at 10am on Sunday Miss V arrived at 11 took one look at me and sent me home to bed under protest.
And I’ve been here since, finally giving me the opportunity to write what has been going on.
So I had a girls night out on Friday after work with my sister and the girls . ( probably adding to my getting sick ) as we crawled in at stupid o’clock or 4am in normal hours and while the girls all stayed in bed Saturday and dealt with their hangovers I went off to work taking my daughter with me to work in the store with Miss V and I.
My sons girlfriend has worked a few times in the boutique and loves it and even my mummy has helped out on numerous occasions.
Sir has told me never to go into business with family. But this time I am not taking his advice as even Miss V has said that is the reason she is selling the business. She doesn’t have family that can help her and she has to just keep opening regardless then goes home to wash and iron till all hours were as I have mum I can pay to do so. I have my daughter and sons girlfriend to work weekends and a beautiful sister and brother in law who trust and believe in my ability and dedication enough to buy the business for me to pay off . As long as the financials stack up the boutique is mine because my little sister truly believes in me . A little trust , determination and not doing everything possible to sabotage myself has paid off. I will never let her or my brother in law down as they have done so much to help me . Having people in your life that love you without condition really does make so much of a difference in recovery. She never gave up on me . And has always been her sisters keeper, biggest advocate and leader of my cheer squad and for that I will always be so grateful .




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