Suited 2 Me

So I’ve spent the last few days managing the store and Miss V has been coming in of a night and we have spent hours out in the cold storage area pairing men’s suits. HOURS .
I’m not just talking about 10-20 suits we have hanging in the boutique . We are talking every suit jacket and pants that have been in both the boutique , the store at Rockdale and the storage unit which we are having to move out of storage unit and into a new one along with the stock for next summer which she has already sourced.
She is helping me to organise it and have them all stored correctly so when I finally take over full time I know every item of vintage I have and where it can be located. We have some beautiful vintage ball gown from as far back as the 1920s through to 1960s and looking at the different cuts of suits for men is far more interesting than it sounds , but can become mundane after a few days . The width of a stripe showed a mans class level. I’ve learnt about the dinner suit, what double , single breasted was and the different events one would wear them for.
I personally was always the type of girl that loved a bit of rough tradie or a guy in a defence force uniform ( I married a sailor)!!! Not anymore
Sir changed my perception of what I saw as sexy on a man and changed my preferences completely. Give me a man in a crisp shirt , cuffs and a clean cut suit any day. Mmmmm mmmmmm . Now I double take unashamedly at a man who walks past in a business suit with slicked hair, manicured nails and smelling amazing dabbed in an expensive aftershave with a pair of nice black shoes unscuffed and care taken . It says to me I put in the effort . Maybe it was the fact that Sir always looked so well put together when I would see him in his suit if he was arriving at my place after work when he was still here working in Sydney.
The way a suit hangs on a man is all important and just like the fit of a woman’s dress and her body shape it is most important that he is fitted properly and it is not just hanging from his body like a sack of potatoes . . No amount of money or expensive suit makes the man does it though? ( it makes no difference to me what a man earns as he is my lover and confidant not my occupation or bank account !!! & let’s face it girls whether he wears a suit to work. Fluro shirt and pants for safety needs on his job or lays in bed naked to get his work done on a laptop as long as he treats me with enough respect to love that I have dreams and goals to attain and supports me emotionally in reaching them then he will always be perfect to me. Having a renewed financial independence and being able to again contribute to any relationship I may allow my dreams to follow in the future is a good feeling. I very much like to feel like it is a partnership and I help by working and yet again Sir was correct in that once I started working a job which I enjoyed and was making an honest difference in, my self worth would slowly grow each day. I was guilty before of thinking that my clothes, personal possessions and cash in the bank made me feel good but it was just a pretty facade and not until I had nothing to offer anyone but my time, love , kindness and friendship that I truly felt good inside , and no longer needed the approval of others to validate myself.
I have two days off now and am off to have a new adventure and spend time snuggled up in bed and having some private time for myself so will catch up on the ups ( and hopefully there will be lots this weekend) and any downs I have had after my Me time is done .
Smile and have a great cheeky weekend . I will be lol xxx


Mmm mmm I’ll have one of these please …….and this type hanging on racks at the boutique


Can bite me….. Until Sunday afternoon that is ….. Xxx


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