So what now ?? Where to from here??

The advice of others is always something I have listened to but not always taken. He used to say I was an
ask hole
Some one who asks for advice but always does the opposite .
Im hoping that is no longer a title I deserve from anyone as I do take the advice of others now and although I might disagree I am more likely to actually step outside my comfort zone now and at least give something a red hot go. Regardless of the time it takes me and how many vintage clothing pieces I need to sell, or jewellery designs I have to make to get to my goals I will make sure that I get there. I spoke to Miss V over the weekend about working as manager of the business full time for a month to see if I am up to the task of being able to do everything I used to as a manager before meth appeared in my life . I need to know that it isn't taking on too much that may send me backwards. I need to succeed now , I need to so badly and although I don't have the kind of money needed I'll just keep aiming high and following Dr Suess's advice as he seems to have it all worked out

And I’m not about to stop or break down just because the path I need to take is going to be a little longer with ups and downs…. I’m used to them now and I’ve gotten through every shitty day alive so far. I’ll just need a little patience which is not a strong point at all of mine . Time to learn I guess .
But we can’t always have what we want when we want it and no amount of sooking or self doubting pity party attendance is going to get me there any faster. In fact just the opposite . So I’ll suck it up princess and keep taking one step at a time. One foot in front of the other just like I have so far. This askhole isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty nor working hard and thanks everyone for the advice and well wishes so far. Now if you will excuse me my pillow and I have a hot date as I’m back at work managing the store close to home again tomorrow and sleep is something I am not getting enough of lately along with the obvious lack of …… But it’s best I don’t even get started on that lol. ….. Keep dreaming as sometimes it
the best motivation of all . Xxx



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