Bursting my bubble

So everything has been going great guns on my end. I have now ticked most of my to do list off. I am building and repairing my relationships with my children, family and friends. I have a handle on my addiction to meth and am heading up towards the 5 month mark quickly. I’m getting healthy by exercising now as often as I can. I’m working on my own jewellery designs for my business and have it now stocked at both the boutique I work at and it’s sister store close to home which I now work in also. I’m studying when I can and have had to defer the second semester til I get into a routine with work……. That’s if I have a job to go to. YEP YOU HEARD RIGHT !!!
I’m devastated that Miss V has informed me she is selling the Vintage clothing boutique as she is exhausted from running it and until I was there with her it was the occasional casual girl coming in to give her a hand. It is a massive store with a lot of stock that is constantly being rotated so the workload is never ending but the store is making money. I can see it . Stock included , one of the cheapest rents in Newtown and all her suppliers names etc .
AND HERE IS THE KICK IN THE GUTS ….. She asked me to buy the store as she can see I love it.
AND I DO… It’s me …. I instantly thought of a time when I told the first person who had ever asked me what my dreams were ….the first time I’d ever really thought about ever being anything just for myself . And those who know me personally know now it is my dream to have a boutique just like it. With girlie clothes, lingerie, shoes, handbags and my very own jewellery label .
THAT IS MY ONE GOAL….. I can dream can’t i ? Even if I never get there …. I can still aim for it and try hard to not do the usual and sabotage myself ….. The difference in myself now is I want this I really want to get there as I made a promise that I would one day buy a thank you present ….. Or send one of my three male assistants off to do so when I became rich from it…… I still have that goal.
You see up until I started there I wasn’t working as was trying to get other parts of my world in check.
I raced home a few nights ago to speak to my parents and sister . You see my mum , sister and I could run that place and make it even more profitable than it already is. My sister has extensive finance background and is a wiz on computers too. I have the running a business side down and sales is second nature to me.
I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for my mum to leave the exhausting work of being a home care nurse looking after elderly people and lifting them in and out of bed etc.
our kids could sell on weekends and it would have been the perfect opportunity for me to get my dreams back in track….. And to spend more time close to the people I love . But they said no.
My parents had a store once and during the recession it almost ruined them. They are just heading into retirement and can’t afford to lose if it goes bad which I completely understand but it was never the less disappointing as it was offered to me exclusively and I’m now going to watch yet again as someone else gets my dream . Honestly it’s like I can feel it slipping from my fingers .
I don’t even know now if I will have anywhere to stock my jewellery or if I’ll even have a job. One step forward and two back …. Such is life.
But I’ll just keep going and I now have a business plan I am working on and hopefully I can find a business partner or investor that will help me get to my dreams a little quicker as I have so many big plans now and I’m just going to keep taking those little steps and hope I get there one day soon . My sister has offered me half the amount …. Unfortunately It is something I just don’t have due to my own stupidity with my addiction.
In the meantime I will just keep creating ……. And pretend I have those three assistants shuffling behind me xx









8 thoughts on “Bursting my bubble

  1. Never involve family in business. Rule no 7. Never. Your life. Your business. No crutches. Run your own business for yourself as your own interest so if it fails there is no bad blood and if it succeeds you did it on your own.


  2. Offer to run the store using a profit share mechanism. You do all the work and she takes a percentage of the profit coming in. You take as much risk as possible to make it worth her while. It is a win win scenario. She maintains income while you maintain your dream.


  3. You can also talk to her about buying it over a few years – paying her monthly installments. This gives her a monthly income and you buy the store. There are many ways to structure a buy out. Maybe she has some ideas as well. Good luck to you.


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