Goodbye my friend

I call her my friend as we had mended our friendship long ago and I visited with her in September last year when up on the Gold Coast to holiday, I tried to contact her when up there with Ashley a few weeks ago but got no response. Miss T was very similar looking to me , a petite brunette with brown instead of blue eyes … We were alike ,
so much so that when I had left my job in October 2012 with the bank and moved to the Gold Coast with my then partner Adam who introduced me to meth, he had started cheating on me 10 days after we moved . With Miss T. She was addicted too. But very quickly left him after I moved home to Sydney . I had been angry at first but she was single when they had started the sneaking around behind my back so I couldn’t blame her . We became closer afterwards .
I woke up this morning to breaking news on the TV and her picture plastered across the screen that her body had been found by police in a shallow grave up on the Sunshine Coast after she went missing two weeks ago and was murdered .
A 40 year old man and 42 year old woman have been charged with her murder.
I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel , Im in shock and I know that he was still in her life but had a newer junkier looking girlfriend now and I don’t want to know if he was involved , it leaves me chilled to my core and I hope she is flying with her own little wings now, RIP GORGEOUS Miss T xxx meth can’t hurt you anymore princess

I’m going to make sure I make the most of everyday as you really never know when it can all suddenly stop. She had babies who don’t have a mummy now. She will be missed , she will be mourned and even though I should feel angry at her . I forgave her long ago and was able to build a friendship again. And have shed tears more so for those that were left behind and that her life was cut short because of choices she made .
And it could have quite possibly been how I ended up had they not cheated .
Going to make sure those I love know each day as you never know you really don’t when the last chance you are going to get is.


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