I’ve got nothing!!!

The tank of ANGE is officially sitting on empty. I’m exhausted through and through.
It’s been so long since I’ve worked a 40 hour week, but an almost 60 hour week has killed me and I’m in no way complaining as the adrenaline rush of actually having a full time job has been great.
Today was a long one indeed 11hours straight and not in the store. I was with my boss cleaning the apartment of her friend.
Close your eyes and picture my day …. I get to Miss Vs house at 10 we do coffee for half hour , pack her car and head over to her friends place. She’s a doctor. She is wealthy , Has 3 houses and lives in a 2 story penthouse apartment that looks out over the whole of Sydney city …… You’re thinking cosy job right ? Living the life !! WRONG WRONG WRONG
You see when we arrived this morning you couldn’t see out the windows to get to the balcony overlooking the city , you couldn’t see the floor and what you could see was filthy . I felt defeated the moment we walked in as her friend is a HORDER!!!! Luckily she is a horder of clothing.

But ridiculously so doesn’t even begin to describe it. She has far too many $$$ and absolutely no cents!!! The amount of clothing in her bedroom alone filled a built in wardrobe , two clothing racks and 25 garbage bags, the lounge room held another 41 bags of clothes . All designer label and the thing we had to laugh at ( because if we didn’t we would cry) was that she had the same dress in 4 different colours and 4 different sizes ranging from 8 -14 . ( just in case she fluctuated of course lol) She had shimmering silver tights and this women is in her 60s . A ghetto jacket . And winter coats my god I think we stopped counting at 112. Every colour of the rainbow. Every style , every shape . She could clothe a country .
On reflecting it makes me sad as she is so lonely that she fills her house with material possessions to make herself feel better. But she buys so many clothes that most have tags and have never been out of the bag given to her when she purchased them. I tried to understand what would give someone that kind of loneliness . I’m surrounded by family , friends and now work mates 24/7 and I at times when alone feel very lonely . So I tried hard to bite my tongue and thought about the whys of how she got to this point in her life. You see I’m the complete opposite when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness. Bordering OCD . And this just blew my mind.
We were strict with her as we had to be and left bare minimum in the apartment . The rest we transferred down to her double garage in the basement and I almost had a heart attack . It was to the roof . A double garage to the roof with possibly another hundred garbage bags, furniture, and all kinds of things that filled the gap in her life and I’m told she hires three more garages that are all also filled . . It really made me sad that she depended on the material things to make her feel whole.
It took Miss V and I eleven hours straight of moving and labelling and packing those clothes . That she could never ever and will never ever get wear before the end of her life. Then cleaned the apartment from top to bottom. I’m being lent to her once or twice a week from now on I think to keep her house and home life in check until we can find someone to run this smart educated hot mess!!! I’ve just had a hot shower and climbed into bed after eating like I hadn’t in a month. Tomorrow I have the day off work to get my uni work done as I have worked 6 days straight since I got the job and was so spent when we finished and I drove home in a daze. I will probably be fast asleep in 3,2,1,ZZZzzzzzzz




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