Vintage Vogue and one very happy camper.

When life knocks you down repeatedly it is hard to keep going with a fake smile plastered on for all to see and only a few take the time to see that under that tough facade , pretty painted nails and matching lipstick that those big blue eyes are really just sad and screaming out for someone to save you.
Nobody ever does though …….until you learn to save yourself.
I started my new job yesterday and I feel ( cover your eyes if you don’t want to see me drop the F Bomb).

My new boss Miss V is just the most beautiful soul and was obviously my ray of sunshine at the end of a dark period in my life. We get on like we have been friends forever and have so much in common . I’ve often wondered when it was going to be my turn for some happier times and good people in my life as I’m not a bad person I just lost myself for a little while on life’s journey.
She has given me as much or as little work as I can handle around my university and has me not only working in the store but making hundreds of pieces of exclusive jewellery to go with the 1920s, 40s, 50s and 60s vintage clothes, shoes and bags that we sell in the store .
We had a VIP night that she puts on once a month for her customers last night and I worked through until 1 am.
She sent me home an hour after arriving to get my jewellery for the store. It was so nice to see my own work displayed throughout the store.
It made so much of the work I’ve done over the last few months so worth the effort and I feel really proud that others will finally get to see how creative I am.
The bonus is that the store is so me and all the girly things I love so much which will make for easy conversations with customers .
Miss V is also getting me to help with the merchandising, running errands, looking for a warehouse to store the bags and bags of vintage pieces she has and I get to go on a trip to Melbourne next week to source some more stock too. So I’m not just sitting in store but will be back and forth between different sites so it makes for variety.
I really am blessed to have such a great opportunity and an amazing new boss who is an really switched on business woman whom I can learn a lot from and great team of girls to work with whom I had drinks with after work last night.
Great things happen when you are patient and you quietly work really hard behind the scenes whilst the doubters think you are just being lazy.
I may not have made millions or be a household name yet but my self worth is overflowing right now and I am the happiest I have been in a very long time.
Now if you will excuse me I have places to go (work) and things to do today and can’t lay here talking all day long lol…… Xx








15 thoughts on “Vintage Vogue and one very happy camper.

  1. You know, maybe you need one of those wonderful outfits. I very you would look great in one. Not to mention it would go great with that new feeling you are showing. 🙂

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  2. Funny how I have right been about everything and you ignored it. Constantly. The fruition of time speaks volumes louder than the moment of awakening. Takes the brain a while to kick in. But you have basically followed the path we both laid out for you and that is a good thing.

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