Before anyone panics after reading the title, let’s all take a deep breathe ….. In … & …… Out .
I have a new addiction …..and I’m feeling higher and healthier than I have in a long time …, who knew exercise could make you feel so awake , alert and on the ball like drugs used to for me . I’m quickly becoming a GYM JUNKIE . I feel amazing and believe me when I say a gym was the last place on earth I ever thought I would want to be again. I spent the first 15 years of my life in a gym as I was an elite gymnast until a hip dislocation forced me to retire and when you spend nearly everyday before and after school in a gym for that amount of time you want to repel the thought of ever stepping back into one . But I forced myself to because if I didn’t I would gain weight rapidly . I’m a petite build but the ” meth diet” kept me from developing weight that I would have surely gained with middle age . But I am loving being at the gym, absolutely obsessed with it. The pumping music while I am keeping my legs toned on the elliptical or rower .
the classes including kick boxing which is great for taking out my anger , and working on keeping the beautiful gift of tuck shop lady arms which I was genetically gifted from my grandma tight and build muscles so they don’t wave at you a few seconds before my hand does. Yoga and Pilates classes to work on my flexibility and core strength and let’s face it flexibility is one asset a submissive shouldn’t be without. And my personal favourite is the new burlesque class that my gym offers . I can take a friend for free each time so I don’t have to workout alone and am looking forward to getting my sexy on in this class and feeling girly again when it starts in a few days . Now I just need to find a willing girlfriend that has the courage to partake in it with me .
It’s been nice meeting healthy individuals instead of the meth heads I associated with almost 5 months ago . You really do change your whole out look on the people you would wish to become friends with when you are clean and your standards are in a whole different level.
I’ve realised just how low my standards were in regards to the people I had in my life before I got clean .
It’s going to take a long long time until the affects that drugs had on my body is close to being reversed but eating healthy and exercising daily and taking vitamins to try to rebuild what my brain and body were deprived of for so long is a step in the right direction.
A GYM JUNKIE is the best kind of junkie to be I promise



8 thoughts on “Junkie

  1. So happy you found something to be passionate about. And its good for you.
    I am standing behind you cheering you on. Yayyyyy


  2. Yay! I love how far you’ve come. I love seeing you so positive with life these days!…gym junkie is great…I just discovered that recently…I’m there quite a bit these days…such a great healthy feeling :). Keep it up, looking forward to what other exciting things life has for you!


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