Something to remember…..


I don’t know if it’s just that I haven’t filled my days with enough or I can just multitask really well but my brain is forever tick tick thinking …..
I went from being someone who was your average happy family with a husband , 3 kids, 2 car,double income , cake baking, taxi driving, negotiation specialising,money dispensing, minister for health , finance,and current affairs , jack of all trades, bank managing soccer mum ……with every material thing I wanted at my finger tips to someone that lost it all in the space of 18 months and that got me thinking….. Apart from the fact that I would love to be able to be that full time mum with my kids and myself under the one roof and am unable to due to financial barriers and the need to get stronger first ….. I don’t miss the material things at all… I didn’t realise how greedy the world can be and how we sometimes judge a person by what the do or don’t have….. I was guilty of it…. Not anymore … And I’ve noticed that those who have nothing are the first there to help you when you lose it all as they know how it feels . Perhaps I didn’t guard it well enough….. But I am not what I have or don’t have ! And having nothing and being at your rock bottom leaves you open to do anything so opportunity is endless . I might not ever get those material things back and I’m ok with that as they don’t define me as a person and I think it’s far more important that I work on my morals and values and the person I am as those things are far more important to hand down to my children than a house or a car don’t you think?



4 thoughts on “Something to remember…..

  1. Great post, doll. So true how those who have nothing because they’ve lost it all, are those that are the first to come to our aid. They can truly relate. I came across something today and wanted to share with you, “Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.” So poignant and true. Stay strong…


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