I do

SS and I were married on 23rd July .


Big things are happening



life is exciting. But fuck me is it busy at the moment , we are currently planning our wedding , just bought a second and third house as investments and last weekend I finally had my dream come true when I opened my own vintage store !!!!

My son joined the airforce, daughter turned 18 and finished school and is now studying beauty and make up and my baby is coming to live with me full time when he finishes school in six months . My parents retired and moved along with my pain in the butt brother to mine and SS new home town on the mid north coast of NSW which is nice as I get to see my family lots now .

We now have two new furr babies and life is getting better by the day…. almost 3.5 years ago I started this journey ……hard to believe … I would land on my own two feet isn’t it?


Celebrating 2 years

For those who want to see how things are going xx

His Little Grasshopper

It may have been Valentine’s Day but for me it also marked the 2 year anniversary of me taking my life back from an incideous drug that destroyed my life .

And so although we love each other endlessly we spent the weekend celebrating the fact that I am alive and healthy, that I am again able to function in a society meant for contributors not those that suck the funding from hard working people’s taxes .

We celebrated that we found each other at a point in our lives that meant we were able to start in a healthy place and move together through anything that comes our way … And with a clear mind for me . Not riddled with psychosis or my body ravaged by dehydration, sleep deprivation and deranged thoughts . It is now only the memories that last of what I became .

And I…

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Happy New Year from Australia

Wishing you all a happy , safe and prosperous 2016. May you be blessed with love, kindness, and contentment. Looking forward to another amazing year like the one I’ve just had with SS  


Travelling freely

So it’s one adventure after another for SS and I . Weve had two great trips this week alone !! One was meant as a closure and included a trip back up the coast to safety beach to collect some of my belongings that I left behind when I left my ex. He was kind of surprised when we arrived on the door step unannounced . Clearly he behaved himself and no harsh words were exchanged as SS was there with me and the ex had no  time to prepare excuses this time as to why I couldn’t collect my belongings. So grabbed anything we could fit in the 4wd and then left to begin our holidays in port Macquarie. 



Then after returning home so I could work for two days we headed south west to a place called Wombeyan Caves and escaped reality completely. No phones no internet just us, caves, bloody kangaroos and rain but I loved it . The natural marble caves are millions of years old 

Am also excited to say that renovations on the house are going great , lounge room is almost completed  

Picked up this great clock this week and my business couldn’t be more on its way . Have a meeting tomorrow with a tech investor company that want to back my business idea and I’m so excited I could burst. 

Being loved is inspiring 

Chat soon xx


Guess who made it to 40!!!

me !!! It’s now the stroke of midnight and I made it… In one piece. Looking and feeling healthy. Totally in love and besotted with my new man SS and a day away from going on our first holiday together to the Whitsundays . Life is great . Good riddance dirty 30s and hello naughty 40s . 


I wasn’t expecting that

A taste of my new blog and what’s been happening to shape my world recently. Enjoy

His Little Grasshopper

Have had a busy week at work and uni and along with SS we are counting down the days until our holiday for my 40th birthday and SS the day after mine . Two Virgoes but we just seem to fit perfectly which is great when you are both perfectionists In most everything you do. So we are only 23 days I until my birthday and the following day on SS birthday we fly out to the Whitsundays and daydream island for 5 days of paradise.

Hammocks by the water, cocktails in the pool bar and surrounded by the most amazing views 360 degrees. And I honestly can’t wait for the little things like going to sleep with him by my side each night .

How good does this place look?? So excited as it’s been a long time since I went on a holiday .

Anyway so after my…

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When you think you still love him

The Fickle Heartbeat

the silent treatment

Shared by Brookie

Someday, you will realize something while driving home after a long day. Maybe it will be raining, and you will be listening to sad country songs and watching the wipers dash back and forth to their own beat. Or maybe you will wake up after a dream featuring an old flame and wonder why those memories are part of you anymore. In that moment, you will realize that the only person you want to talk to is the only one you can’t call—your ex.
Maybe it will be six months, one year, five years, or twenty years after the breakup. You could be single, in a relationship, or married. However, at some point or another, you will have to ask yourself the question, “Do I still love him?”
In this moment, when you are scrolling through your contacts and wondering if you should text “Hey” to…

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